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Логотип телеграм -каналу bananaxape_channel — @BananaXape_updates
Логотип телеграм -каналу bananaxape_channel — @BananaXape_updates
Адреса каналу: @bananaxape_channel
Категорії: Криптовалюти
Мова: Українська
Передплатники: 13.06K
Опис з каналу

xAPE is a fully decentralized token owned & driven by the community. xAPE was developed to succor all who lost funds in UST & LUNA death spiral event.

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Останні повідомлення

2022-06-20 12:54:54
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2022-06-20 12:53:51
Dear community,

Our Q and A section has been postponed to Saturday 25th by 2pm GMT due to some unforeseen circumstances we apologize for any inconvenience

xAPE Team
926 views09:53
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2022-06-20 12:20:55
634 views09:20
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2022-06-20 12:05:31
Hello community,

These are our top 10 most active users for this past week...
Make top 10 active list this week & earn xAPE limited NFT

xAPE Team.
549 views09:05
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2022-06-18 09:15:51
595 views06:15
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2022-06-17 13:17:03
Hello Guys,

We will be holding a Q and A section on Monday 20th.
We encourage you to visit our website and announcements changed to get yourself more information about Banana Ape.
Winners will be rewarded with NFT and a whitelist spot

xAPE Team
620 views10:17
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2022-06-07 19:09:39
Dear community,

Our previous twitter account was suspended by twitter, we quickly wrote to twitter to unsuspend the account but it's not happening soon.

We have created a new twitter account with the link below.

Everyone hurry, Follow, Like & Retweet.

xAPE team
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2022-06-06 18:22:01
Banana xAPE Tokenomics

Symbol: xAPE

Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Presale: 600,000,000 (60%)
Liquidity: 400,000,000 (40%)


Audit in processing
Token Holder Rewards
DEV NO token
Huge marketing
Tax (10%)
Contract renounced
Charity activities
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2022-06-06 00:51:57

Make sure you follow us, like, share & RT this post on twitter... if you've not please do!
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2022-06-04 16:46:52
Hello, welcome to Banana xApe Community.

What is Banana xAPE ?

Banana xApe is a decentralized token owned and driven by the commission. XAPE was created to provide succor to all who lost fu ds in UST and LUNA death spiral event, thereby being a beacon of support to LUNA and UST victim. xAPE is owned, Controlled and built on by the community.

Token Name: Banana xAPE
Symbol: xAPE
Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Decimal: 18

Important Links

Telegram group:
Telegram channel:
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